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D-Days and Demolition

The Mainstreet streetscape reconstruction project is continuing to progress on Main Street and Court Street. There will be a variety of utility work being conducted, from water services & drain tile, to electrical lines and valve replacements.

Market & Court Streets

Market Street is almost complete, minus some minor electrical work and asphalt patching on the west side. Court Street demolition has started on the west side. The contractor will continue with street lights, followed by sidewalk and curb & gutter.

Main Street

There are only two blocks remaining on Main Street. However, these last two blocks have the most obstacles to work around. The removal process will likely slow down through these areas due to the overhead canopies on the building fronts. An emphasis will be placed on providing temporary access to adjacent properties followed by the installation of the sidewalk.

D-Days provided a unique set of challenges to the downtown businesses throughout the project area. Everyone involved in the project would like to express their gratitude to everyone for being patient with the construction process!

June 30th, 2021 October 14th, 2021

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