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Getting Great Public Input

We love hearing from the people who will be using the spaces we create! It's crucial to get public input on projects like the Vermillion Downtown Streetscape Design, because it's the residents who know that space in and out, and have great ideas on what they'd like to see happen with it.

While we would've preferred to meet with people in person, due to safety precautions, we held our public input meeting via Zoom last evening. David Locke, Stockwell's landscape architect and the Vermillion Downtown Streetscape project manager, walked viewers block by block through the current conditions and some high-level ideas on how to make improvements.

Viewers had various opportunities to weigh in and offer up their opinions on suggested design elements and features that the downtown space might have. It was a great way to get feedback from residents and get a feel for what people would like to see.

If you missed the live Zoom meeting, we welcome you to watch the playback here and email David or fill out the contact form on the project website with any suggestions you have! Your input on this project is valuable and we'd love to hear from you. #LOVermillion

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