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Plaza Time!

Ribs, Rods, & Rock 'N Roll is here this weekend. Crews worked feverishly this entire week to have the Radigan Platz area tidied up. You will notice the vendors using the new electrical services throughout the plaza area, fresh landscaping, ample lighting from the street lights and tree accent lights.

However, there are a few things we would like to point out to the public. Please have caution on the west side of Market Street and the east side of Prospect where the new construction meets the old streets & sidewalk. These areas have some rough transitions but should be passable.

Schwartzle Construction will be switching gears and heading east on Main Street & Court Street for next few days. In the next few weeks they will be working on Main Street from Dakota to Elm, starting with utilities, monuments, followed by surfacing. They will also transition from the east side of Court Street back to the west side of Market Street in order to provide parking on at least one side of the block.

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