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Preparing for Ribs, Rods, & Rock 'N Roll

In two weeks, Vermillion will be hosting one of its biggest events, Ribs, Rods, & Rock 'N Roll. As the streetscape project progresses over the next few weeks, the plaza will start to come together piece by piece, brick by brick, literally. The salvaged brick pavers will start to be installed in the plaza area and the monument pillars and columns will also have various precast sandstone and brick laid.

Prospect Street has the underground utilities installed. Next, the curb & gutter, sidewalks, and landscaping will be placed. To avoid interrupting Ribs, Rods, & Rock 'N Roll, the contractor will be moving over to Court Street to start demolition. Additionally, they will not continue with demolition along Main Street until the Radigan Platz is finished and Ribs Rods is over.

The planter curbs have been excavated and filled with fresh topsoil. Planters will contain various perennial flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees.

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